Having worked as a Hair Transplant Consultant for 4 years, I field questions, myths, realities and wake up calls on a daily basis. I do so because I myself once looked in the mirror, saw hair loss and decided to get a hair transplant and received a horrible one at that. It took me years to find a fantastic clinic to restore not only my hairline but my confidence and happiness.

In this article I will continue discussing perhaps the most important part of a hair transplant: hairlines. When I began doing research in 2003, I had no idea what types of results were achievable. If undetectable transplants existed and what that meant. Like many I grew up with the image of the cliche pluggy grafts that reminded me of a brush or barbie doll hair plug. What I did not know then, which is true to this day, is that there are only a very select few clinics which can do truly undetectable work. There are several factors which go into this.

1) Artistic ability. This is something you have or don’t. Any doctor can harvest an area of skin, disect and plant. This is very different than creating an aesthetically pleasing, appropriate and as I discussed in the previous article, an irregular hairline which mother nature would have intended. Sure, experience helps, but it is inherited in some doctors and others just don’t have that skill. Take a look at several videos to illustrate my point. The following are examples of unnatural, pluggy and thin hair transplants NOT from our clinic.

The following video illustrates a repair case which we performed at this clinic: Dr. Ferreira explains in detail; however, I am going to highlight the major issues. 1) Density discrepency: this patient had received a very “see-through” or thin transplant. There are not a lot of clinics which can actually achieve a high density transplant. This resulted in the very unnatural difference in density between his original hair and transplanted hair. Also, you will notice that the hairline itself is unnatural in design. Lastly you will see the angulation issues. The hair stands is angled perpendicular to the skin which causes several problems which I will cover in the next article.

With those results in mind, take a look at the video below:

The video you just saw had several things and to me is an example of a near perfect hair transplant performed at our clinic. I will go into the specifics in the next article as we continue on hairlines.


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