Having worked as a Hair Transplant Consultant for 4 years, I field questions, myths, realities and wake up calls on a daily basis. I do so because I myself once looked in the mirror and saw hair loss and decided to get a hair transplant.

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Like many, I went to the nearest Doctor performing hair transplants in my area. He quoted me $3000 dollars and said I would get 1200 grafts. The day of surgery, he removed a 12cm strip of hair from the back of my head. This should have yielded about 1200 grafts. 6 months later I could only count about 50 grafts which had grown, were pluggy and not natural looking in any way. Let me tell you: the only thing worse than going bald is willingly paying someone to make you look even worse.

From that I began researching online, talking to veterans of the hair loss world and digested as much information as I could. If you are looking in the mirror as I once did and are unhappy with your hair loss, before you decide to jump in and get a hair transplant, here are some things for consideration.

1) This is a cosmetic procedure and a very difficult one at that. You are going to wear, night and day, in full view of anyone you meet the results of this procedure. If your son, daughter, wife or husband needed a cosmetic procedure done, would you go to just anyone? Of course not. You would find a highly skilled, specialized and qualified clinic to do the work. For some reason, when it is for ourselves we think differently in terms of trying to save cost. In the world of hair transplants, saving money should fall behind naturalness, quality results and experience in the clinic.

All too often, I see patients, just like myself who went to another clinic, received horrible results and come to us to repair their bad transplants. The money they thought they were saving resulted in a horrible cosmetic result leaving them depressed, upset and having no choice but to pay top dollar to fix the mistake when by simply going to a top clinic they would have received a great result and saved time, money and of course the hastle of having a second surgery. The most significant consideration is that WE HAVE LIMITED HAIR FOR A TRANSPLANT! A common belief is that hair regrows once taken from another area. This could not be further from the truth. Remember that 1200 grafts I was SUPPOSED to get and only received 50? Those 1150 grafts didn’t magically regrow. I LOST 1150 grafts. I can never get them back and if I lose too much hair, those 1150 grafts can be the difference between having hair or a bald spot. There are so many reasons to understand that in the world of cosmetic surgery you need to go to not only a good clinic, but a great clinic. It costs more at these clinics because the staff is extremely talented and as in any business the better you are the more you have to be paid. By paying more you are paying for the best results and ensuring a good result. There are no shortcuts to getting a great result, no winning by cheaping out and in the end it is you who has to live with a horrible result.

Fortunately there are a handful of great clinics that are available that do top work. Dr. Ferreira and his staff have worked together for over 8 years performing well over 2000 hair transplants. That is about 4 million transplanted hairs as a team. You don’t want to be the patient who spends less at an inexperienced clinic so they can cut you open and make mistakes on you to get better. Be smart, informed and make the decision to get the best results possible. Go to a great clinic to get a great result and be happy when you look in the mirror!


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