“Quality Custom Female Hair Replacement Systems, Get the Hair You’ve Always Wanted Without Compromise”

If you’re a woman dealing with excessive hair loss, we know how deeply disturbing it can be, and finding knowledgeable, proficient help shouldn’t be another difficult task in your agenda.

Sure Hair International has been helping women who suffer from hair loss for over 10 years now, we make every effort to offer the very best in qualify female hair replacement systems available in the GTA, along with the utmost excellence in service in a surrounding that caters evenly to both men and women.

Our overarching objective here at Sure Hair is to produce a custom female hair replacement system that will blend impeccably into your existing hair, in a way that brings out your unique attributes while maintaining a completely natural-looking appearance.

There are some distinctions to be made between female hair replacement and female hair Extensions. Hair replacement systems are specially made units produced to conceal or restore hair in thinning or even hairless areas of the scalp.

Hair Extensions are a superficial addition to augment a presently existing hairstyle, to increase fullness, thickness and or length. Sure Hair takes the creation of hair replacement systems for women very seriously, and with every new customer we put forth great effort to provide a completely customized solution, whether you require a complete hair system or an integrated system to blend with existing hair.


Types of NT Hair Replacement for Women



Cold Fusion Hair AdditionsOur 100% human hair, “Cold Fusion” Hair Additions are amazing for women who are interested in simply boosting the volume and fullness of their existing hair. Custom designed to go with any type of hair colour, length, texture, and securely attached without using clips that can become painful and can be detrimental to your existing hair. Our Cold Fusion Hair Additions can be ordered up to 28 inches in length for customers that would like to increase the length of their hair.


 female-hair-restoration 2  

Volume Strands – This hair replacement procedure is exceptional for adding a little extra quantity of hair to the top and sides. This hair system is created for those that are presently attempting hair replacement for the first time and can be provided with a fixed and semi-fixed attachment configuration. These systems are commonly light in weight, comfortable and appear remarkably natural.




Integration Hair – These hair replacement systems for women are vented, and have base material design similar to a hairnet. Women with diffuse thinning hair will appreciate this because it is designed for them. It will help to pull their existing hair all the way through the matrix mesh base. These hair systems are a very popular way to thicken your existing hair and conceal the noticeably thin areas of your scalp.



Ria's Before and After   

Medical Hair Systems – Generally used for extreme conditions of female hair loss or medically induced hair loss such as from Chemotherapy or Alopecia Areata. At times referred to as full extensions, you will be able to style, colour and design this type of female hair replacement to completely disguise a hair loss scale or any magnitude, and also variable areas of female hair loss.


Female Hair Replacement Video
Female Hair Replacement Video
Female Hair Replacement Video

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