In the world of wigs and hair pieces, better known as a human hair system, we are subject to an endless amount of hair and base options.

The base of the hair system is where the hair is attached. So for people with permanent hair system attachments it is imperative that the base of the system is as natural looking as possible, as it is worn every day. Along with looking natural the system base should feel comfortable and be durable. The most popular hair system bases are Lace and Skin (Polymer).

Swiss Lace completely disappears when attached. No matter how closely you look under any lighting conditions, all you see is your scalp. You can wear your hair in any style and be totally confident that you have a perfect undetectable hairline.

Because of its delicate nature, I do not recommend an all Lace System for clients with high density hair. French Lace is another option. It is not quite as invisible as Swiss Lace, but is more durable.

The other popular base options are the various Skin units which can look very natural. They are made very thin and almost “mold” themselves onto your scalp. 

The thinnest bases usually will have the hair looped or tied into the base material.  Polymer based systems are marketed as being breathable. Although this is true, they do not fully allow air to circulate and can become quite warm. Most clients who prefer the skin base will customize it to have both skin and Lace to allow the unit to breathe.  

I don’t believe there is such a thing as the “best” base. Lifestyle, durability, size and comfort will all play a part in the selection of your base.

Sure Hair International has trained technicians who specializes in custom making the “best” hair system base for you and your lifestyle.