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Top 4 Concealing Products for Hair Loss

Top 4 Concealing Products for Hair Loss

Toupees or wigs Toupees or wigs (as seen in the picture) are custom made, fitted hair pieces that cover up hair loss or thinning hair.1 They consist of natural or synthetic hair, attached to a customized membrane. They can be fixed to the wearer’s scalp either semi-permanently, using medical grade adhesives,

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The Evolution of Hair Pieces & Hair Systems

Did you know that Americans are paranoid about hair loss? In fact, almost 35% of Americans feel that something as basic as wearing a hat can also lead to hair loss. Unfortunately there fears are not misplaced! Furthermore, despite the availability of several treatment options for hair loss, there are

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The Social Impact of Hair Loss on the Individual

All societies throughout time have placed a lot of emphasis on the appearance of an individual. The way a person looks often determines the way in which he or she is treated by others. And in the long run, our appearance has a telling effect on our lives. Even in

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