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Laser Light Therapy Goes Back as Far as Ancient Roman Times

Did you know that even the ancient Romans knew that sunlight was good for their hair at certain times of a day? Hence they built structures that would let them experience the warmth and the therapeutic effects of sunlight. Unfortunately most of us are not as lucky as the wealthy

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Hair Pieces: Why Opt for Natural Hair hair as Opposed to Synthetic?

Wigs or hair pieces were so popular in the Elizabethan era that if a child ventured out in the dark, he ran the risk of getting his hair forcefully shaven for making wigs! These artificial hair pieces have been around for long and have also been popular choices with men

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The Social Impact of Hair Loss on the Individual

All societies throughout time have placed a lot of emphasis on the appearance of an individual. The way a person looks often determines the way in which he or she is treated by others. And in the long run, our appearance has a telling effect on our lives. Even in

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